Frameless Glass Balustrades | Frameless Shower Enclosures

Frameless Balustrading

My Aluminium Guy offers a unique and secure solution to enclosing all staircases, swimming pools, balconies and patios in your homes.  

  • Staircase Balustrade can be face mounted with stainless steel fittings or sunken into floor / tiles and is supplied in 12mm Toughened Safety Glass.
  • The height must be a minimum
  • on staircase, patios and balconies. 
  • Frameless Pool Balustrade is supplied in 12mm Toughened Safety Glass at a minimum Height of 1200mm, with a gate that is self-closing and latching.
  • All balustrade glass is bright polished all round.
  • Balustrades can also be supplied with a hand rail.
  • Frameless glass balustrading creates an invisible and safe barrier which is unobtrusive and elegant.

Frameless Showers Enclosures

We offer stylish and safe frameless shower enclosures that enhance the look of a bathroom and create an open and spacious feeling for one to enjoy in their own privacy.

  • 8 mm or 10mm Toughened Safety Glass with a minimum door width of 700mm.
  • Glass is available in Clear and Satinato Toughened Safety Glass
  • Satinato glass is an acid etched toughened safety glass, different from frosted glass or sandblasted glass. It resists scratching and breakage and collects no blurs or fingerprints. 
  • Frameless Showers can be fitted with Glass Shelf or Stabilizer Bars (if required)
  • All showers are fitted with High Quality Chrome / Satin Finish Fittings
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